Aboul Hassanein

Gum arabic exports to Europe, Asia and America


Garantie, private security

Our Priority is to ensure your safety.


Imprimérie Graphic-Tchad

Leader of the fast printing. In more than 10 years, we have developed a range of increasingly large services :



Rental of equipment (dozer, loader, compactor, spinning bucket ...) and construction (dams, Buildings, social housing, states ...



Hydrocarbon and petroleum products distribution company

Our Assets

Our Assets

N'Djamena, Africa’s showcase

All starts here, in the center of Africa’s Heart, Ndjamena!

A dynamic office, a motivated team, open to the outside, new ideas, new concepts and requirements of today's world business.

Ideally located in the center of the CEMAC zone and listen to the information from around the world, Almahri Group has established relationships from its headquarters in Bld Ngarta Tombalbaye (40 Street) by retaining top partners and senior staff.



To support the work of the head office of the group in Bld Ngarta Tombalbaye (Street 40) N'Djamena, several permanent representative offices have been created:

These offices "on the ground" used to track daily changes in markets and also expand the exploration potential of new products and manufacturers. In addition they provide a constant link when tracking orders and strict quality control.

Reliable staff, trained and in daily contact with the headquarters is following up flawless.


At the same time, Almahri Group maintains privileged and regular contact with correspondents who collect and transmit at any time information and special offers, especially in France, USA, Angola, Morocco, Belgium, Canada, United Arab Emirates...

The team

Almahri Group surrounds himself with competent and dynamic professionals serving customers and partners in compliance with the rules and standards that govern the profession. Quality of the work, methods and procedures, respect of deadlines are the core values ​​that animate and unite its teams.

The coaching team
  1. The Governing Board:
  2. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  3. General Manager
  4. The Vice General Manager of Group
  5. Deputy CEO
  6. Entities’ coordinators

Almahri Group, 20 years of experience!

Customer satisfaction

Renowned for the quality of its services and its attentive listening to customers, Almahri Group has always endeavored to meet their requirements with the same principle: quality.


Quality, we also find it in optimizing our systems and practices through:


  • This is already more than 25 years ABHS operates in the import and export field and is recognized as a leader in Africa.
  • Albina : rental of equipment (dozer, loader, compactor, spinning bucket ...) and Construction (dams, buildings, social housing, states ...)
  • IGT : Leader of the fast printing. In more than 10 years, we have developed a range of increasingly large services :