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Gum arabic exports to Europe, Asia and America


Garantie, private security

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Imprimérie Graphic-Tchad

Leader of the fast printing. In more than 10 years, we have developed a range of increasingly large services :



Rental of equipment (dozer, loader, compactor, spinning bucket ...) and construction (dams, Buildings, social housing, states ...



Hydrocarbon and petroleum products distribution company


IGT Created in 1995, IGT is a well-known player in the world of printing in Chad.

During this 20 years of printing experience and IGT has a dominant position for is its innovative solution on-demand printing, which give a competitive advantage to its clients.

IGT Impression's product range includes basically traditional services [offset printing, loose-leaf offset, Office documents ( Business card, Prospectus, Purchase Orders, Delivery notes, Carbonless business forms, Header Letters and Envelopes, Memo Notebooks, Customized folders, Labels…, binding, digital printing).

The company is dedicated to suit its customers' needs (schools and technical & administrative people) and equipped itself with modern and upgraded equipments and facilities.

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